Workforce attendance & management

Up to 40% admin costs savings and 30% in productivity

Realise up to 40% admin costs savings and 30% in productivity : 

  • Simplify time and attendance management
  • Control absenteeism and lateness in real-time
  • Get analytics and history for teams / individuals
  • Receive timesheets and zones alerts
  • Improve compliance 
  • Supervise emergency egress
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Typical problematics on workforce management

Managing your teams has never been so easy !

Give a GPS tag or Smartphone App to each worker

Small, light and simple, this rechargeable tag is ready to go. It has several months autonomy and embeds motion & temperature detectors and a panic button. Location is done by GPS, radio triangulation, and specific beacons for indoor positionning. 

Connect to Capturs SaaS

Setup your teams, configure workstations with virtual zones in a few clic and create an automated workforce management system without any infrastructure.

Access to real-time data and analytics

Get all the relevant data in a user friendly interface. Monitor real-time attendance, individual absenteism and productivity. Install lean workstations by monitoring the movement of each worker…

Monitor in real-time the metrics that will make you save money (attendance, absenteism, time spent in workstations, productivity, etc.).

Live GPS tracking

Location is sent live on Internet using our Sigfox tag OR our mobile App working on Android or iPhone. The platform works on smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac.

Movement detection

A 3 axis accelerometer provides movement detection allowing extending the autonomy and triggering alerts when in movement / no movement. 

Email / SMS alerts

The On/Off/Reset button is also a panic button that sends up to 5 types of messages to anyone you want per email/SMS. Auto alerts (movement, geofencing) can be also set up. 


From several weeks to several months, depending on your activities and on the tracker settings.

Size / Weight

68x42x24 mm / 60 g, IP67. Capturs is compact, elegant and easy to wear.

No phone / No Sim

Capturs is standalone and easy to use. No phone, no SIM card or no synchronization needed. Possibility to install on purpose, on premises network coverage.

The system works with dedicated tag or standard mobile App. 


Download the tracker (tag) technical sheet

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