Save up to 40% on returnable assets costs

Using Capturs disruptive track & trace system

Not-so-fun-facts !

  • Up to 40% assets are lost, broken or stolen… 

  • Up to 20% budgets are allocated to replace these items

  • Up to 30% overstock to prevent shortages

Standard track&trace methods are outdated !

GPS tracking era has come.
Save up to 40% assets costs and manage supply chain.

Make substential savings at each step of the returnable asset cycle.

No infrastructure, installation within minutes.

Place trackers on assets

Our small off-the-shelf trackers have years of autonomy and work without Infrastructure.

Connect to Capturs

Our SaaS is accessible from any PC / Mac / Smartphone. Track & trace your assets in a few clics.

Get real-time analytics and save money

Our smart platform analyses all data, allowing to make savings on losses, inventories, productivity…

Manage your supply chain has never been so easy !

Monitor in real-time the metrics that will make you save money.

Live GPS tracking

Location is sent live on Internet using Sigfox and other radio technologies. Trajectories are followed on smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac.

Movement detection

A 3 axis accelerometer provides movement detection allowing extending the autonomy and triggering alerts when in movement / no movement. 

Email / SMS alerts

An unlimited number of alerts can be configured: movement / no movement / geofencing in and out / temperature / low battery.


From several weeks to several months, depending on your activities and on the tracker settings.

Size / Weight

75x75x35 mm / 60 g, IP67. Robust, industrial, easy to use. Possibility to customize ennclosure !

No phone / No Sim

Capturs is standalone and easy to use. No phone, no SIM card or no synchronization needed. 

Download tracker technical sheet.

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