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Capturs range for assets and people

Capturs features a full range of products, hardware and software, for people and assets aiming at generating savings and revenues by optimizing your value-chain & supply-chain.




Model C

GPS / Sigfox Tracker
Ultra long autonomy
IP67 weather resistant
Movement detection
Temperature sensor
Non rechargeable battery
Indoor positioning with beacons


Model B

GPS / Sigfox Tracker
Ultra long autonomy
Panic Button
Movement detection
Temperature sensor
Li/Ion rechargeable battery
Indoor positioning with beacons


Smart tracker

GSM/Smartphone tracker
Optimized GPS algorithms
Long autonomy
Movement detection
SAAS platform integrated
Android – IoS
Custom functions and white label
Offline data recovery



Full online IoT interface
Manage all your devices
Create SMS / E-Mail alerts
Use any kind of devices
Securely share tracks
Advanced supply chain functions
Custom functions and white label
Access on web or mobile app

0G to 5G – No infrastructure

Capturs uses a disruptive “0G” Sigfox low-power network technology and is compatible with future “5G” IoT  to provide real-time GPS tracking at very low cost and ultra-long autonomy without any infrastructure costs.

No infrastructure

Our system is as simple as possible. We use the revolutionary 0G Sigfox technology as well as GSM and future 5G to transmit data.

high autonomy

Sigfox network combined with our smart algorithms will give up to several years autonomy.

low cost

With membership costs from 1,66€ / month / object we offer one of the lowest connectivity & platform price of the market.

manage large OBJECTS FLEETS

Our SAAS platform can manage thousands devices easily. Share, alert, configure and find assets on our web or mobile SAAS & API.

alert and warN

Configure SMS E-mail alerts like panic button, moves, geofencing in/out of a zone … Link it with your third party system using our API.

save money

Real-time location combined with our advanced functions leads to savings in inventories, motions, quality, predictive maintenance…

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers …

What is distuptive in your technology ?

We use the Low Power Wide Area Network Sigfox to give an incredible autonomy up to several years to our real time GPS trackers at a very low cost. This opens new range of sevices, previously unachievable by the standard GSM protocols.

Are you only using sigfox “0G” networks ?

We provide currently “0G” Sigfox and GSM solutions, but our system is compatible with any device having an API, including coming “5G” systems based on NB-IoT or LTE-M

HOW realtime tracking will help US make profits ?

Our system will help you reducing wasted time and improve  monitoring of your supply chain by : reducing search time, monitor your inventories, estimate time of arrival, monitor running time, schedule predictive maintenance…

Is your system worldwide ?

Our Sigfox solutions work in many countries in Europe/Africa/Middle-East : coverage here : https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage . Our GSM solutions work worldwide, everywhere your smartphone has data connectivity (2G to 4g).

What are common use cases ? 

Use cases are diverse : tooling tracking, vehicles fleets tracking, people access control, worker safety, parcels and valuable items monitoring, production management (WIP and inventories), theft protection… Our API allows to link our system with your interfaces (SAP, maintenance…).

Do you white label and develop custom functions ?

YES ! We listen to the voice of your customers and develop the functions the most adapted to their needs and aiming at saving costs. Moreover, we provide full white label  platform and app when requested.


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